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Kunming World Horticulture Exposition Garden

Kunming World Horticulture Exposition Garden (the Expo Park) is the site of 1999 Kunming World Horticultural Exposition in Kunming, located in the Northeast suburbscenic area adjacent to the Golden Temple, about 4 km away from the urban area of Kunming. Expo Garden covers an area of about 218 hectares, vegetation coverage rate of 76.7%, of which there are 120 hectares of lush thicket of gentle slope, the water for 10% ~ 15%. The whole mountain park planning, set the provinces, regions,municipalities and local features of the 95 countries the garden style garden crafts,garden and building a scientific and technological achievements in the park, embodies the "man and nature, the harmonious development of the theme of the times", is a "Yunnan characteristics, China gas sent, world-class" Grand View Garden LandscapeGarden art. Expo Park has 7 main thematic exhibition, 34 Zhanyuan domestic and 33 International Garden composition. The seven thematic Garden: garden, Chuk Yuen,bonsai garden, herb garden, tea garden, vegetable and fruit garden and post newstone garden flowers; abduction area two room: international outdoor pavilion andChinese outdoor exhibition area. Co cultivation and transplantation of a variety of 2551 kinds of plants, about 2000000 strains (Cong), of which 112 species of rare and endangered plants, the best level in the previous record level A1 World Horticultural exposition. At the same time also set the record of the area, the construction speed,display plant species, garden products, integrated greenhouse, bamboo species,Cupressaceae plants transplanting, cliff stone plastic 8 "Guinness world records".

In May 1, 1999 October 31st, the Chinese government for the first time in the YunnanExpo Park in Kunming successfully held at the end of twentieth Century an international event - the world's largest World Horticultural Exposition A1 level. Since the park opened welcomes global visitor in all about 23000000 person time, received 26 foreign heads of state, and a large number of celebrities at home and abroad andmore than 5000 Chinese and foreign journalists.

As the world's only retain the integrity of the Expo venue, the Expo Park with the worldlargest and most original landscape gardening Grand View Garden unique historical culture and landscape value, has become a world, national, gardening, high grade,uniqueness, non imitability, sustainable value site culture heritage.

World Expo gastronomic: the use of Expo Park international outdoor garden of 200acres of land, with beautiful landscape, the development of culture and entertainment,restaurant, bar, wine, food, night and other products, to create a dining club area +fashion + International Customs Bar Street entertainment district, in a relaxed andleisure for the purpose, has the fashion culture, entertainment demand for the publicpeople. In the area of different districts respectively, transform and upgrade or a newstyle of Western Europe, the French Mediterranean style, European style, North East Asia, Southeast Asia style style block, introduce style coordination, consistent styledining entertainment project. At the same time with Laos, Burma, Thailand,Kampuchea, Vietnam and Malaysia found in Queensland consulate influence in Southeast Asia and South Asia, the introduction of exotic food and beverage enterprise, to create an international style Expo Park ecological leisure cateringaccumulation area of high-end.

Give you a -- in nature, dining table, the tip of the tongue on top of the World Expo


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